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                    What is Hypnosis?


· A professional technique provided by a competent licensed counselor

· A technique requiring a competent licensed professional

Safe and effective


Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis

Q:  What is hypnosis?

A:   Our minds work on two levels, the conscious level and the subconscious level. We use our conscious minds as we go about our day-to-day lives. We think, we make decisions, we perform physical actions etc. with our conscious minds. Our subconscious minds, on the other hand, handle the bodily functions we do not have to think about, such as: our heartbeat, breathing, blinking our eyes, feeling pain, etc. The subconscious mind handles our habits - the actions which are largely under voluntary control, but which we perform without thinking. It is the subconscious mind that comes into play when hypnosis takes place.

      When a person is hypnotized, his/her conscious mind is somewhat subdued. She is not asleep at all, but merely less interested in what is happening. This allows the subconscious mind to become more active. When a hypnotherapist talks to a person in hypnosis, the subconscious mind more readily accepts what it is told, and governs the body accordingly. If the hypnotherapist tells the subject that all of the feeling has left his/her hand, the subject may feel nothing when pinched. In simple terms, hypnosis is merely a state of increased suggestibility; a state in which we are more likely to be able to accept the suggestions of the hypnotherapist than we would without the condition of hypnosis.

Q:  Can I be hypnotized?

A:  Generally speaking, every normal person is hypnotizable. Normal meaning an IQ of at least 70, who has no severe mental disorder.

      All of us are suggestible to varying degrees. Studies have shown that about 20% of the population achieves a light degree of hypnosis; about 60% achieve medium hypnosis; and 20% can reach a deep state of hypnosis. For most purposes, only a light to medium state of hypnosis is required, so do not be too concerned about how deeply you go into hypnosis. You can not be hypnotized if you do not wish to be and if you resist in any way, hypnosis will not occur.

Q:  Is hypnosis safe?

A:  A subject can hear the hypnotherapist at all times and will not accept suggestions if s/he does not wish to accept. A subject will not answer any questions that s/he does not wish to answer. The subconscious mind contains certain "safeguards" that will not let you do anything or accept any suggestions that may be damaging to you. YOU cannot remain in hypnosis for more than a few minutes without the presence of the hypnotherapist. Therefore, no one has ever been "stuck" in hypnosis.

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